June 1, 2015 Polly Hadden-Paton

June Newsletter

Doodle.com – Easy Scheduling for Get Togethers and Meetings

appFor all busy people, this website and app is revolutionary! Rather than going backwards and forwards with friends / colleagues, trying to find a date in the diary that works for all – just Doodle it!
You name the event and then define a selection of dates and times that work for you.
Once these have been chosen, select the type of poll you desire (basic Poll is for an easy yes or no), and then enter the email addresses of everyone you’d like to invite. They will be then be able to select the dates that work for them, and you can decide which one to go for. Simple!






Touchnote – Easy way to send postcards and thank you letters!

As our lives become increasingly digitalised and mobile, we seek faster, even immediate, forms of communication. We are demanding! I am a firm believer in the written thank you note, and think it means so much more than an email, which can very easily be read and then deleted. A mailed note is seen again and again on a desk or counter, whereas a thank you email is rarely printed.

touchnoteTouchnote have created something wonderful in between… It is an app where you can choose a picture for one side of your postcard, and then type your letter on the other side and insert the recipients postal address. Once you click ‘finish’, your postcard, is printed and posted for you, all for the very reasonable cost of £1.99 inc postage.

Whoever the recipient may be, I am sure they will love its originality, an no doubt next time you see it, it will be stuck to the front of their fridge!



Oh David Peters – thank you for my new face!

davidpetersOK, so I’m 26. And I know I really should not be thinking too much already about the wrinkles that are burgeoning deeper into the furrows of my brow. But in this day an age, where it’s reported that we’re taking over a MILLION selfies a day, it’s difficult not to start becoming a little selfie conscious, and in turn, starting to pay more attention to how we take care of our skin

So I recently re-visited Mr Miracle Hands himself, David Peters, at the wonderful Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, for an ’emergency’ Naturalift Anti-Aging treatment. The tiny acupuncture needles help to produce your bodies natural collagen and elastin and the Tui Ni massage that follows (along with the freshly blended serum that David makes while you’re there) is the perfect accompaniment. Immediately afterwards, my frown lines were visibly reduced, and continued to do so even more over the following days.

I can highly recommend him, do check out his website for further information.


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