July 1, 2016 Polly Hadden-Paton

July Newsletter

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You Need A Vicky – Start with your Sock Drawer

We couldn’t be happier for our ‘other half’ You Need A Vicky! As many of you know, a book has been brewing for a while now, so we are thrilled to hear that Little Brown Publishers approached Vicky earlier this year and it’s ready for pre-order on Amazon now!
Start with your Sock Drawer is a practical and realistic approach to home organisation. It also stresses the importance of order in your life in connection with your positive wellbeing. Vicky is co-writing the book with her cousin Emma Cooling and it will be out in September – We couldn’t be more proud!

Click here to pre-order it from Amazon

And do check out her new website here

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Tortie Hoare

We always appreciate a talented woman at You Need A PA, so were are thrilled to tell you all about our good friend Tortie Hoare.

Tortie combines the same leather moulding pocess used in the creation of medieval armour, forming a cohesive relationship between the heat formed leather and other materials to create design-inspired furniture and other products. With a skilled cabinetmakers background she uses the unique hardening properties of the leather as the core of her sustainable and ergonomic pieces.

With these handmade pieces the process of shaping and taming the leather has dictated the designs. The results are timeless products of the best quality, functional, natural furniture that originates from the beauty of the materials being used.

I addition to her designs she also takes on commissions, whether it be an unusual design you want made as a gift, or something to add to your home, so do get in touch and check out her website.

T: 07545 828 263

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Rainbo Food

Jamie and James, who both run Rainbo, are extremely passionate about good, healthy food, friendly service and offering (amongsty other things) the best dumpings in town, all served from their converted 1948 Ford Pickup!

Fusing delicious homemade Japanese gyoza dumplings in a variety of flavours (both traditional and contemporary), with bright salads, signature pickles and other pan-Asian dishes, they bring something completely fresh and unique to Britain’s street food scene offering an exciting alternative to the ubiquitous burgers and carb-heavy options, and have become the go-to truck for a healthier yet fulfilling alterntive. They believe that street food should be delicious, vibrant and good for you.

You will find them at festivals, private events and markets all across the country this summer. If you wanted to book them for your party then do get touch with the details below:

Tel Jamie:  07725 362 629
Tel James: 07771 977 12901

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