February 1, 2017 Polly Hadden-Paton

February Newsletter

The Proposers

With February being the month of luuurve, we had to introduce you to The Proposers, the UK and Europe’s leading Romance and Marriage Proposal Planners. Over the past 5 years, Daisy and her team have created over 1,000 marriage proposals, each as unique and creative as the last.

Whether you need help coming up with the initial idea, the logistics on the day, or the full planning package, this super-star team are on hand to help you every step of your engagement journey.

From hiring the actual speedboat used in James Bond and abseiling into a cave to set up a romantic meal, to dressing cats as waiters (yes, this actually happened), exclusively hiring castles abroad and even getting celebrities involved… The Proposers love a challenge and nothing is off limits.

The Proposers find out all about you and your partner so that they can create a completely personalised idea that has never been done before.

With a 100% success rate… what are you waiting for…?!


Watch their latest You Tube video here

Couture Community
Your fashion revolution starts right here!

Couture Community is the UK’s leading luxury pre-loved fashion destination. Buy and sell the world’s most coveted brands including Chanel, Gucci, Dior and many more.

Unique, fully curated and updated daily, the collection is brimming with desirable items. The range includes rare and exciting one-off pieces that you simply won’t find anywhere else!

And why not let someone else fall in love with the pieces you have fallen out of love with? Clear your wardrobe of all those past purchases that you haven’t worn in ages. Selling with Couture Community is really simple and secure. Even better, if you are too busy living the high-life, and just want someone to do the selling for you, just try the VIP service. They will handle the whole process for you, start to finish. Heaven!

The real beauty of Couture Community is that you can be absolutely assured that the range is fully curated and authenticated. Each piece is individually assessed by the experienced team to provide a safe, simple and secure service for your authentic pre-loved items. So, whether you are buying or selling, you can be assured of a high quality product and service.


Pssst….See below an exclusive invite to their Designer Flash Sale on Thursday 2nd March!!!

Pemberly Fox

We would like to introduce you to Pemberly Fox, a young stationery brand which was founded by a couple of industry stalwarts and morphed out of the London operation which they set up in 2011 with the Bavarian stationery brand Prantl. Situated in Chelsea, near Imperial Wharf station and Chelsea Design Centre, the team at Pemberly Fox has years of experience behind them and are able to cater for the majority of your stationery needs.

As well as some lovely greeting cards, and ready-to-write designs, Pemberly Fox also produce quality business stationery, personal writing paper, and correspondence cards, all manner of party invitations and some great wedding stationery and birth announcements too!

There really isn’t much they can’t do, so if you know someone who is getting married or if you need a few invitations for a drinks party, Michael and Anthony would be delighted to help, and, to encourage you to give them a try they are offering YNAPA subscribers a discount of 15% off your first order!
Please use voucher code: PEMBPA

Why not give them a call or pop in to discuss your requirements with Michael.

Pemberly Fox, Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road, London SW10 0RJ
T: 020 7349 7225


Wimbledon Tickets

We have 2x debenture tickets for every Wimbledon match this year, excluding 5th July and the Men’s finals.

Please get in touch with Milla for prices and more information if you’re interested.

E: milla@youneedapa.com


Our Planet

I was recently sent this information from a friend who, like a lot of us I’m sure, has been in a self improvement/social responsibility/abject terror mode over the past few months as a result of Brexit/Trump/impending Armageddon, and wanted to share some eco-wisdom that I hope you all find useful – I certainly did!

‘Vivienne Westwood recently did a speech where she mentioned that switching to GREEN ENERGY for your home was one of the best and easiest ways to take some active responsibility for the future of ye ole planet. It often sounds and seems overwhelming, impractical, complicated or expensive to make life changes for the planet – but this is so simple.’

‘It is so easy to switch, and most likely cheaper than your current energy supplier. It’s available everywhere in the UK from many different green energy companies and you definitely won’t be able to tell the difference when you turn on your lights. Some companies will even make the switch for you and contact your current energy supplier to make it happen so you don’t have too.’ (or you can always call us and we are more than happy to do it on your behalf!)’If you currently get your power from one of the Big 6 energy companies (nPower, British Gas, EDF, E.ON Scottish Power or SSE) your power is coming from nuclear, gas and coal power stations all over the UK. There are plenty of companies out there who are using wind, hydro, solar, etc instead and they are also committed to investing in infrastructure, building solar farms and investing in wind generation. Many of the companies also provide carbon offset in their tariffs. I think obviously we would all choose the more eco-friendly companies if only we knew it was an option.’

I’ve had a look online for comparisons, and for a client of ours who is living in Kensington & Chelsea and uses nPower at 19.17p per kWh, switching to Octopus Energy it would be 15.05p per kWh – so not only is it far better for the environment it is also much cheaper too. You also have the bonus of feeling smug about saving the world!


Here is a great comparison website for all of the different green energy companies available in your area, just put in your post code and they’ll guide you:


‘In the UK, about two thirds of our electricity is generated by burning coal and gas in power stations. This releases millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for climate change, every year. The other third of electricity mainly comes from nuclear power, which has other worryingly severe environmental impacts.’

‘Green Electricity’ means electricity produced from sources which do not cause these impacts upon the environment. Of course, every type of electricity generation will have some impact, but some sources are much greener than others. The cleanest energy sources are those which utilise the natural energy flows of the Earth. These are usually known as renewable energy sources, because they will never run out (wind, hydro, waves, solar, geothermal, etc.)’

For more info, head here

It’s these small changes that make the big changes.


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