March 15, 2017 Polly Hadden-Paton

March Newsletter

The Sweet Reason Company

Flowers are always appreciated, but we all know that the secret to making our mothers really happy is in the thought and love you put into choosing a gift that’s just for her.  So for this Mother’s Day (Sunday 16th March!) how about a pretty box of delicious chocolatey brownies in her favourite flavours to enjoy instead?

The Sweet Reason Company, founded by Suzie Godfrey, are delighted to present their brand new Mother’s Day afternoon tea gift boxes. With the brownie and tea company’s luxury gift boxes ranging from £6.75 to £59.00, there is something there to suit all budgets.

These gorgeous gift boxes are available now and delivered full of delicious handmade brownie bites with wonderful flavours such as honeycomb, salted caramel and Baileys! With Teapigs teas and pretty crystallised sugar sticks to compliment the bakes, your mother will love them!

This Mother’s Day, leave the petrol station flowers and supermarket chocolates to your siblings, and show her just how much she means to you by giving her something truly scrummy!


As sad as it is to admit, DVD’s, books and CD’s are becoming a thing of the past. In this digital world and with Netflix and iTunes readily available on everyone’s tablets and computers, no one needs any of these things clogging up their space.

So we are delighted to have found this ever so easy app called Zapper.

Zapper offers the perfect solution to making money on unwanted clutter without spending endless hours uploading them onto Ebay or lugging them to the dump.

They have an extremely simple valuation system; you can get a quick price for your books, CDs, and DVDs through a barcode zapper app on your phone. You then proceed to sending it in the post, without any postage fees, and a few days later you will be sent a cheque.

We love anything that’s simple, efficient and geeky so this one ticks the box perfectly.

Sign up here and download the app. Happy Zapping!


Curve is a radical new payment card that links all your cards into one, you then simply select which card you want to use for your next transaction on the Curve app. You can then use your Curve card in shops or in cash machines and even abroad. The transaction shows in the app and is recharged to your underlying card as a purchase.

Your Curve Card ‘wallet’ in the app contains – as well as your stored Visa and MasterCard products – a card called Rewards. Curve Rewards offers you instantaneous cashback when you use your Curve card at one of the 50 participating retailers.  No waiting around for ‘pending’ or ‘validating’ – the cashback will be available to spend as soon as you leave the store.

There are many benefits to the curve card, collecting points and no overseas charges, but we love it for the practicality. No more hour long phone calls to the bank trying to cancel your lost card. Having all your cards in one will give you a lighter wallet and less to worry about when out and about.

The Joy Journal

Searching for the perfect, fun and thoughtful present for your best friend, sister or colleague? Well, look no further!

You only need to click on the website to fall in love with these quirky, colourful garments. The Joy Journal offers 100% cotton dyed dungarees with personalisation on the top right pocket, making it the ideal go to gift, because who doesn’t love personalisation?!

The dungarees are lovingly made and gift-wrapped. They are about creativity, colour, individuality and fun.

And we absolutely love them!

Doris and Dicky

Doris & Dicky are all about bringing you the world’s best budget boutique hotels for around £100 per night. They help savvy-travellers cut through the overwhelming amount of choice they face when trying to find the best, small, charmingly authentic places to stay.

By boutique, they mean independent hotels with distinct charm. No more soulless chains that leave you longing for your own bed. And by budget, they mean that they have an average hotel price of around £100 per night – in some places it may be more, but in most it’s less.

In a world of so much choice, Doris & Dicky bring you a carefully curated collection of their favourite, handpicked hotels. So, whether you fancy a stylish beachside shack in Mexico, a B&B built into an ancient Turkish cave or just simply the best value Parisian bed, Doris & Dicky has got you covered.

Check them out and make your first booking here…

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