April 4, 2017 Polly Hadden-Paton

April Newsletter

Living Images Design

If you, like me, have hundreds of photos sat on your computer, taking up huge amounts of space on your hard drive, then why not let Living Images Design transform them into stunning bespoke, hand bound and digitally printed photo albums.

A perfect gift idea and a unique way of capturing those treasured memories from a family celebration, special holiday, or landmark birthday. They edit and curate your photos, enhancing them and producing fantastic layouts. These are then emailed to you for approval before going to print. Each commission comes with a guarantee of complete confidentiality.

Four sizes are available, and you can choose from either linen or leather covers in a selection of gorgeous colours. Images are digitally printed directly onto each double page spread.

For more information, please head to their website
or contact Claire to arrange a meeting to view their samples and discuss your ideas.

Wear the Walk

Wedding season is upon us and it’s time to find the right outfits! Dreading having to splash the cash on something you might only wear once? Well, we have found the perfect solution!

We came across this wonderful ‘fashion library’ that grants you unrestricted access to the next generation of designers which you can rent for all your show-stopping occasions.

The concept is so simple.

1. Browse the collection, or fill in a style request

2. Let them know when you need it. They’ll personally deliver it and be on hand for any advice.

3. Wear it, own it, and share it. If you fall in love you can choose to buy it, if not they’ll come and collect it after your event!

Start browsing now…!

MURO – A traditional toy, with a very modern twist

In our busy world full of technology, lots of parents are seeking entertaining toys which don’t end with their child gripped tight to a tablet or phone. Although technology has its place, it doesn’t have to be a replacement for good old fashioned play.

MURO, a traditional toy company, have created a tactile wooden toy which gives children, of all ages, hours of fun and can be modified to suit a child’s interests and growing needs.

The company currently have a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of funding their first production of toys, due to be completed by the summer.

The MURO plug and play toy is made from Scandinavian birch plywood and consists of a wall-mounted frame with a circular grid on its fascia (the product also comes in a portable cube design.) The fascia allows plug in game accessories to be added, allowing children hours of fun playing with add-ons from mini xylophones to complex beaded patterns.

For more information and to see how it works, head to the Kickstarter Campaign here

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