Assistants At home


We know all too well how quickly to-do lists can build up, and how daunting they can be to complete.

We will:

  • Implement efficient, uncomplicated paperwork systems
  • Manage your home admin
  • Source and hire staff
  • Organise any home repairs
  • Manage home works, maintenance and building projects
  • Recommend (only the best) interior designers
  • Complete to-do lists
  • Provide IT and Tech support

Let us help make your home a sweet one…



Bored of being on hold? Hate shopping and gift sourcing? Event planning your worst nightmare?

We will:

  • Book restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Plan parties and events
  • Book trips and holidays
  • Research members clubs
  • Book appointments
  • Gift buying and present wrapping
  • Plan family activities

At You Need a PA, we want leisure to remain leisurely – let us take the stress away.

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Contact Polly

Whether it's booking urgent flights or organising your house move, Polly and her team are at hand to help. With many years of experience dealing with daily problems from the little to large, Polly has the answer and, being a pay as you go service, you only pay for problems solved.