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cuckoo-hibou-you-need-a-pa cuckoo-hibou-you-need-a-pa

Cuckoo Hibou

In the heart of Fulham you will find Cuckoo Hibou. A nurturing little nest, created for children and made for parents. Here you will find a  new charming boutique, a cosy, child-friendly café and a range of artistic activities and fun workshops in English and French!

Founded by Alice, a half-English, half-French young mother, who has been living in London with her family for 2 years. When she moved over from Paris, she stopped her career in journalism and changed her life! She decided to express her creativity by opening a new place that she had always dreamed of finding for her and her son. And thus, the Hibou family chose their home in Parsons Green and now welcome kids and parents from the neighbourhood.

Cuckoo Hibou, 181 New Kings Road, London SW6 4SW
T: 020 7731 5552
W: cuckoohibou.com


I Hate Ironing

There is an app for everything! At the click of a button you can now get expert dry cleaners to collect your clothes from your door.

The service is simple – you can place an order in a matter of seconds, then an expert cleaner will come to your door and pick up your items, and return them washed and pressed less than 24 hours later. They have flexible pick up and delivery slots, so they can work around you. What’s more, when you download the app, you pay for it through your account, so no need to pay in cash. Simples!


DNA-you-need-a-pa DNA-you-need-a-pa

Meet the girls behind Fitness DNA ( Dana and Alice)

Alice and Dana met 12 years ago working as Personal Trainers at one of London’s premier gyms and have remained close ever since. Their passion for exercise and healthy living led them to the idea of creating a fitness blog where they could share their knowledge and expertise with people alike in a fun and creative way.

Being mothers they know what it means to juggle all components of life and find a true balance between raising a family and running a successful business. Having worked with A-list clients, from movie stars and super models to successful business people and musicians, they want to share their secrets on topics such as how to keep fit having a busy schedule, getting a bikini body, training whilst pregnant and how to get back into shape after having a baby plus dietary advise and much more.

Online Training…
Having a personal trainer is a wonderful luxury, however time constraints and costs can sometimes be prohibitive.
As a result they have decided to offer on-line personal training. This comes in the form of training consultations via Skype. How it works, is firstly they offer an on-line consultation to work out the best programme for you, in terms of exercise and nutrition and then you go away and follow the personalised programme they provide for you, in your own time.

At the end of the first week, they will check in again and discuss how the week went, and if necessary refresh techniques and the intensity of the programme. This encourages you to fulfil your regime, as you know you’ll have them to answer too!

E: fitnessdnablog@gmail.com


Blue{shift} Coding

Blue{shift} is a primary coding school based in West London that offers coding classes and workshops for kids. It was started in 2013, with the aim of teaching kids a creative approach to coding.

They believe that if taught with a focus on creativity, learning to code will not only equip children with the technical skills they need to excel in the future, but will also teach them critical problem solving skills.

At their holiday camps and after school clubs, blue{shift} covers a whole range of abilities and coding environments from Scratch to Python to robotics. They create their own teaching materials utilising a number of different programming environments, coding languages and approaches.

For more information on classes for your children,
please head to: http://blueshiftcoding.com
T: 020 8133 9863

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