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Le Bab. BBQ Paneer


Le Bab

Gourmet Hamburgers. Gourmet Fried Chicken. It was only a matter of time until we were introduced to the delights of the Gourmet Kebab. And it was well worth the wait. Le Bab opened in Kingly Court in January and has since revived and redefined what we knew of The Kebab.

Headed by a kitchen team previously at Le Gavroche, Le Bab aims to drive a ‘kebab renaissance’ in London, reinvigorating kebabs with provenance, seasonality and technique. The setting is a stark departure from traditional kebab houses: modern, relaxed and casual with a novel cocktail list, curated fine and rare wines and craft beer.

I strongly recommend you make a reservation, although they do try and squeeze in walk ins. You might like to go for dinner after a couple cocktails at Señor Ceviche, or just à deux for a spot of lunch.

Le Bab, 2nd Floor, Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW
T: 0207 439 9222





EMX Squared

For those, who like me, get pretty bored with mundane visits to the gym, I was pretty curious when I was introduced to EMX2.

EMX2 stands for ‘Electro Muscular Xercise”. Upon arrival, you are given a body suit to wear, which has electrode patches that vibrate between 350-450htz, which activate 90% of the bodies muscles simultaneously with each contraction. It sounds painful, but I promise it isn’t! This vibrational frequency activates the muscles you use while you’re squatting and lunging, forcing them to work at 80x more than a normal repetition. Not only does this activate the muscles and train them more effectively than any exercise routine on the market, but it also eliminates unwanted fat and cellulite. Bingo!

It’s promised that in a 20 minute session of training, you will burn 1000 calories, amounting to 8 hours of functional training in 20 minutes. Now that’s my sort of exercise!

To find out more information and to make a booking head to
T: 0207 060 5766







Petalon flowers have become quite a favourite here at YNAPA. Their service is so simple to use, yet the outcome is stunning! They offer 2 seasonal bouquets of flowers each week for you to choose from, which are always £28 (including delivery) or £50 for a bigger bunch and they always include a £1 donation to Capital Bee.

Their flowers are chosen at the flower market early on Monday morning and are ready to order by 9am and they restock their flowers throughout the week.

They take orders up to midday on the day of delivery, then deliver the flowers by bicycle between midday and 5, Monday to Friday. They are the perfect thank you or birthday gift, or just a little something to brighten someone’s day!

To order your flowers, do head to their website



Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 21.35.15                                                                         pops-youneedapa2



With summer just around the corner, (surely?!) we are so pleased to have come across POPS – a contemporary brand who’s product offering is unique and quality is at the forefront of everything they do. The have created the world’s first refreshingly cool Champagne Ice Popsicle – scummy!

Founded in June 2014 by old-school friends James and Harry, POPS has since taken off and the CLASSIC has featured in over 100 Global press publications.

Their current products include:
Classic Champagne
Strawberry & Mint
Apple & Elderflower

They even have collaborations with Bunga Bunga, Fortnum & Mason, Mews of Mayfair and The Ivy Chelsea Garden – and keep an eye out for their alcohol free POPS which will be available later on this year.

For more information and to book POPS for your summer party, head to:

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