Evening Standard Magazine – The A List Fixers. November 2016

The PA Team

They can book you a seat on the FROW or get your kid into Eton — just don’t ask them how they do it. Kate Wills meets Polly Hadden-Paton and Vicky Silverthorn, the A-list’s ultimate fixers.

ynapav3I first heard about Polly Hadden-Paton and Vicky Silverthorn during one of the worst mornings of my life. I’d woken up with a hangover of epic proportions to discover that the Isabel Marant jumpsuit I’d borrowed from a friend to wear to a party the night before was now caked in chewing gum all over the crotch area (don’t ask).

 In my state of inebriation, I’d thrown said jumpsuit into my freezer — something in the recesses of my mind said this would fix everything. But the gum was now stuck hard and fast and the jumpsuit was also covered in frozen fish-finger crumbs to boot. Tears welled up. I called the only friend I phone in a crisis, who suggested I try a company called ‘You Need a PA’.

At first I baulked at the idea — didn’t PAs book meeting rooms? — but my friend had met Hadden-Paton at a dinner party and assured me she would know just  what to do. I fired off a panicked email to Hadden-Paton and a couple of hours later, an elegant man in a cream linen suit called Kareem, from Kynance Dry Cleaners, was at my door picking up the jumpsuit. Fast forward 24 hours, and he was returning one gum-free, good-as-new jumpsuit. It was nothing short of miraculous. ‘That was easy compared to some of the requests we get,’ laughs Hadden-Paton, 28, who is petite and polished, with perfect flicky eyeliner and a mini-dress that could be Mary Katrantzou (but, which she delightedly tells me, is from New Look).

‘Whether it’s a Russian family who want to get their first-born into Eton, or a pop star who wants to throw a Fifty Shades-themed dinner party for 120 people with two days’ notice, no matter what a client asks, we instantly say “Not a problem”, and then find a way to make it happen.’ It’s fair to say this is not your average PA service. Recent jobs have included moving Nick Grimshaw’s entire house for him and chauffeuring Suki Waterhouse out of Burning Man when all the flights were booked up for three days. Oh, and then there was the case of not one — but two — American clients who felt there was a spirit possessing their living room.

ynapav5And before you picture them googling ‘ghost hunter’, you should know that Silverthorn and Hadden-Paton have a secret weapon at their fingertips. They are part of an elite web of hundreds of London’s top PAs, who share their best contacts on one magic email chain in order to deliver the impossible. ‘If we’ve got a client filming in Outer Mongolia and they need a driver, we’ll put out a message and within seconds someone will reply with exactly the contact you need,’ explains Silverthorn, 36, who’s sleek and charming in black jeans and a simple vest. ‘They’ve saved my bacon so many times. And of course, we all get competitive with each other to see who’s going to be first to find the answer.’

No matter what a client asks, we say ‘Not a
problem’, and then find a way to make it happen

If that sounds like a butler buddy system, akin to the ‘club for gentlemen’s personal gentlemen’ in Jeeves and Wooster or the Society of the Crossed Keys in The Grand Budapest Hotel, that’s because it is. In fact, Wes Anderson’s film is based on a real network of elite hotel concierges, The Society of the Golden Keys.
The dynamic duo won’t reveal the name of their mysterious PA society, despite much begging from me. ‘They’d be inundated with requests if we did,’ says Hadden-Paton, apologetically. ‘You can’t just say “Hey, I want to join!” — you have to be nominated by at least one other member and then approved. All the top celebrity and high net-worth PAs are members. It’s the best of the best. We all meet up around once a month at hotels or clubs and swap stories.’ Although they had different upbringings — Hadden- Paton was a boarder at Sherborne School for Girls in Dorset and Silverthorn went to her local comp in Berkshire — the pair bonded while working as PAs for Lily Allen in the Noughties. Silverthorn fell into PA-ing by chance after working at her local golf club and then becoming a PA to pro golfers, footballers and, eventually, pop stars. Hadden-Paton did a nine-month PA course at Oxford Media & Business School.

They set up ‘You Need a PA’ in 2013 after realising that the demand was out there for a flexible PA service which people could use as and when they needed it. Their clients range from doctors to bloggers to DJs, and tasks include buying forgotten birthday presents (and handwriting the cards), standing in line for the iPhone 7, securing tickets for sold-out shows and booking bikini waxes and STD tests. If the latter is for a well-known client, Hadden-Paton books appointments under her own name. ‘I’m probably on more sexual-health clinic databases than anyone in London,’ she jokes. ‘People have this image of PAs as secretaries in skirt suits typing away in an office, booking a table at The Ivy,’ says Silverthorn. ‘But we’re not like that. We’re running around London with a backpack on our back, Marigolds and trainers on, getting 10 things done an hour.’ Trainers probably came in handy when one of their girls had to sprint and then hitch-hike 15 miles down the M4 to hand-deliver a green card to a client — an A-list actor — who was waiting at Heathrow Airport and due on set in LA in eight hours.

Hadden – Paton and Silverthorn are so discreet that several of their clients pay them in cash and don’t tell their other halves that they use the service. They will come to your home — or they work remotely out of Hadden-Paton’s flat in Primrose Hill (they have two assistants, Alicia and Milla). There’s no subscription fee or minimum number of hours (unless they’re working on-site, when it’s four hours) and their lack of overheads mean that it’s surprisingly affordable — services start at £40 per hour. Often clients will simply email them a to-do list they’ve had for months, and watch in awe as it gets ticked off in a day. Just don’t call them to-do lists. ‘I prefer “action list” now,’ says Silverthorn, who lives in Richmond. ‘It’s so much more positive.’

It’s an incredibly intimate business, requiring a huge amount of trust. They’ve never even met some of their clients, and yet they have keys to their home and their credit-card details on file. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are regularly signed. Hadden-Paton has even been hired as a rent-a-guest for a clients’ weddings. She turns up in formal attire and mingles, but is also on hand to fix any detail the bridesmaids are too busy/ drunk to handle. While once having a personal assistant was the preserve of celebrities or chief executives, the business of subcontracting the boring parts of your life is now booming. Economists call it comparative advantage: even if you’re brilliant at paperwork or ironing, if you could be spending your time on a more valuable activity, then you should. Fifteen thousand applications are received by outsourcing service TaskRabbit each month from potential ‘Taskers’ who want to hang up your shelves or design your party invites. Apps such as Laundrapp will do your washing, UberEATS will pick up your kebab at 3am, and Bizzby will send someone for all the other odd
jobs you can’t be bothered to do.

“I’m probably on more sexual-health
clinic databases than anyonein London”

secondv10Considering the changing nature of the way we work — 4.6 million Brits are now self-employed, including 17.3 per cent of Londoners — and the rise of the gig economy, it was only a matter of time before a pay-asyou- go PA service took off. And virtual butlers won’t be far behind. Amazon recently released the Echo to the UK — a voice-activated personal assistant which will book restaurant tables, put your preferred music on and control your appliances for you. What’s more, Google has come up with Google Home, a smartspeaker that allows you to control the music and lights in your home among other things. But, of course, none of these apps or gadgets can get you tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Disasters do occasionally happen, though. ‘I remember once Lily Allen asked me to get her tickets to the Céline show in Paris,’ recalls Silverthorn. ‘I said, “Sure, no problem” and sent the email. A few weeks later, Lily asked me about it and I said: ‘I’ve not heard back and actually I was a bit surprised that you wanted to see Céline Dion.’ Luckily, Silverthorn was able to get the tickets to the fashion show, and Allen took it in her stride. ‘She found it hilarious, but I was mortified.’ As well as the PA service, Silverthorn runs ‘You Need A Vicky’ — a professional decluttering service, and the two are about to launch ‘You Need An IT Guy’ — after realising clients needed a really good on-call technology support person to set up the Sonos, sort their Wi-Fi coverage or ensure their life’s work is backed up securely. They even jokingly suggest a plan to train up an army of mini-mes. ‘A PA academy!’ says Silverthorn gleefully. As we’re finishing up, Hadden-Paton gets a text from a client who’s in LA and has just got chocolate on a friend’s white Chesterfield sofa. ‘Not a problem,’ she taps back instantly. We’ve all been there.

October Newsletter



Introducing Caper – who offer the best food in London, at your fingertips!

Caper have searched out and partnered with some of the city’s best-loved independents and artisans including La Cave a Fromage, Parson’s Nose Butchers and Partridges (to name a few) to bring you a selection of the finest fresh produce, meat, fish and wine the UK and Europe has to offer.

With delivery priced at just £3.95, Caper is the perfect way to get everything you need for your dinner party, night in with friends or loved ones, or a convenient way to re-stock the fridge after time away – all available to order in just a few clicks through their custom built app.

Caper delivers 7 days a week, so you can pre-book one hour time slots in advance, or simply choose ASAP for delivery in as little as 60 minutes!

In the run up to the festive season they will also be offering an extensive range of exquisite gourmet hampers, which make for the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family, or even end of term thank you’s for teachers! And they’d be happy to put something custom together for you, if their range doesn’t quite cover requirements.

Enter promo code ‘ YNAPA10‘ at checkout to get £10 off your first shop with them (valid until end of Nov 16)

Download Caper here



We’ve recently discovered a new app called Vallie which will, quite literally change your life!

How many times have you found yourself late for appointments  or meetings due to the dreaded parking search? Or had to walk 30 minutes to your destination because the free space was a mile away? Vallie solves all of this for you…. Much like Uber, you can set your location with a pin and someone will come to meet you and collect your car. The car will then be taken and parked in one of their safe, commercial car parks, whilst being fully insured.. And if you didn’t think it could get any better than that – upon request they can put it through a car wash, change your oil, or even do your MOT!

When you’re meetings finished, or you’re done shopping, you just set your return point on the app and Vallie will aim to return your car to you within 15 minutes or faster!

It’s the friendliest on-demand valet service we’ve found, making roads less congested and your city trip that little less stressful!

Prices start from £5/hour – £25/day

Enter promo code ‘ youneedapa‘ when you sign up for £10 free credit!

Download the app here


1Tap Receipts – Self Assessment Sorted

Are you Self Employed? Sometime’s it isn’t easy. And when it comes to your Self Assessment with the HMRC it can take a lot of time, effort and even money from you, which is why you need to be using systems that help you get things done quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

1Tap receipts makes running your business so much easier. Whether your receipt is paper or digital, you just photograph it with your mobile phone and 1Tap do all the work for you.

1Tap extracts all the key information from your receipts, such as the amount, categories, dates and supplier then files them, ready for your HMRC Self Assessment form.

On top of that, they are connected to some of the UK’s top accounting firms, so you can instantly share your receipts with your accountants in real-time. No more chasing around, gathering your receipts at the end of the year and panic sending to your book keeper!

Download the app here

September Newsletter


Tilly Sveaas Jewellery

Tilly Sveaas is the living embodiment of her brand – a laidback, sun-loving, beach bunny – part rock chick, part health fanatic with a penchant for foreign travel and an Aperol Spritz. Addicted to denim and her miniature dachshund Mitty, she posses an inquisitive mind, passionate energy and boundless enthusiasm for the next adventure.

Tilly is the jewellery designer behind the hugely successful Silver Service brand, which many of you will know that I was a HUGE fan of and she has just started her newest adventure by launching her first collection designing under her own name. And its ah-mazing!

Already a firm favourite with the London style set, TILLY SVEAAS JEWELLERY represents a more complete distillation of Tilly’s signature style. Remaining true to the off-duty luxury look for which she is known, her new work introduces a more irreverent urban attitude, resulting in bold authentic pieces laced with unmistakable ‘ rock chick’ petulance.

With a collection of padlocks and arrows, tusks and stars, along with other whimsical trinkets in both gold and silver – which she encourages you to wear stacked together, all flirting against a backdrop of leather, lace and leopard; everything oozing laid back attitude and alluring charm.

The full TILLY SVEAAS JEWELLERY collection is available at www.tillysveaas.co.uk and do head over and check out  her Instagram page for some gorgeous snaps  www.instagram.com/tillysveaas

TILLY SVEAAS have offered YNAPA Newsletter readers 20% off first orders! Use discount code: YNAPA20 at checkout 

BCP Homes

As many of you will know, searching for a property can be a real hassle. You have to spend all your precious free time looking at places that may or may not match your requirements and on top of that Estate Agents have a tendency to bombard you day and night with calls and emails, often about properties that are little or no interest to you.

If you don’t have the time (or the patience) for this then BCP Homes will do all the leg work for you. They will source and preview all the properties that match your requirements and then get you to come out and view only the very best. Once they have found you your dream home or rental investment, they will guide you through the negotiation process from beginning to end and be on hand to give you advice; organising everything from solicitors to surveyors to mortgage brokers. Their job is not over until you have happily moved into your new home. Unlike Estate Agents, who work for the vendor, BCP Homes only have your best interests at heart and want to make sure that you are not only getting the best property at the best possible price, but you enjoy the experience at the same time too.

A great friend of mine recently bought her first home through BCP and raves about them!

For a bit more information on what they do, then head over to www.bcphomes.com and get in touch with any questions you may have.


Smart Works

One of the joys of You Need A PA is that we come across an amazing spectrum of different companies, services and charities almost every day. We recently heard of the work done by the wonderful charity Smart Works, who do fantastic work helping women on low incomes get jobs and become financially independent. With extensive knowledge of the problems that these women face, Smart Works provide interview clothes and interview training, enabling them not only to feel more confident but also to help them believe in their own ability to success and move on with their lives.

Smart Works have a team of over 75 trained volunteers who work with cllients, helping them to make them look great and feel confident for their job interview. They rely on financial contributions, volunteer time and clothing donations from committed individuals and organisations to enable them to carry on with their work. So if you’re having a post summer wardrobe clear out, or have recently changed from perhaps a corporate job to somewhere more informal, then please do send what you can to Smart Works as these women could really do with your support.

To find out more information, to make a donation or to check out some case studies, then please do head to www.smartworks.org.uk


Love Cocoa

James Cadbury, the great-great-great-grandson of the legendary chocolatier John Cadbury has recently launched an ethical chocolate start up. The inspiration coming from the historic brand’s British heritage. In 2010, Cadburys was subject to a hostile takeover by American corportation Kraft, and many have noticed that they have adapted and ‘Americanised’ the taste of the once iconically British brand.

James unveils Love Cocoa; a range of artisan organic chocolate bars firmly fixed in British tradition and handmade here in the UK. The first series of chocolate bars comprise of a number of British icons; Classic Milk (37% cocoa) and Dark (70% cocoa), as well as Earl Grey, Maldon Sea Salt, Honeycomb & Honey and English Mint. So far my favourite being… ALL OF THEM! They really are delicious and he’s constantly trialling new varieties with some new ones to be coming out soon – so watch this space!

Furthermore, in a bid to shake up the market and cater for the new generation of ‘letterbox friendly gifts’ the chocolate is delivered directly to you or your loved one with a personalised message, in beautifully designed wrapping, making an ideal and hassle free present.

Love Cocoa have offered YNAPA Newsletter readers 20% off first orders! Use discount code: YNAPA20 at checkout 

To order your bars, head to his website www.lovecocoa.com

August Newsletter



You Need An IT Guy

Vicky, Davide and I are extremely excited to introduce you to You Need An IT Guy! Whether you require boosting your secure wireless network coverage, or need tech support with your Mac of home’s setup, Davide and his professional team deliver a timely and excellent service and well designed technology solutions for your personal office or your entire home.

Backed up by exceptional customer service and a high level of technical expertise built over a 10 year period, our YNAITG team pride themselves in delivering highly individually tailored and secure client projects, problem free, on time and on budget.


Tech Support and Managed Tech Services
Whether it is a remote log in session to your Mac or PC, a phone call, an in-shop repair or a site visit appointment, YNAITG will be there for you when you need them the most. They have competitive bespoke tech support packages that they offer to look after your household or business technology.

Full Bespoke Tech Solution
They provide custom solutions for any requirement you may have, from data cabling, network integration, enterprise grade WiFi, Voip telephony, AV solutions, IT equipment procurement. They will put a solution together based on your needs and budgets.

Home Office Installation
Do you want to run your business from your home office or simply have a working study room? Give Davide a call and let him take care of it for you

IT Security Solutions
From removing threats on your Macs of PC’s to carrying out an IT security survey and implement security measures and disaster recovery solutions for protecting you from viruses, randsomware and all threats.

Web Services
YNAITG can design, manage and take care of the maintenance of your website or blog for you. Leave the headaches to them. They will also make sure your site is fully backed up.

For all enquiries, please contact Davide:
T: 0790 4024 240 E: davide@youneedanitguy.com W: www.youneedanitguy.com

Charlie-Morgan-Yoga Charlie-Morgan-Yoga-2

Charlie Morgan Yoga

We would love to introduce you to Charlie, a London-based yoga instructor and designer, passionate about encouraging people to step out of the fast lane, take better care of themselves and live a more ‘shanti’ (peace and love in Sanskrit) living life!

Charlie caters the type of yoga she teaches to the needs of each and every individual, with the one goal in mind – to make them feel great about themselves! Her one-to-one clients include anyone from young children, teenagers, recovering addicts, pregnant ladies, elderly people, or simply those wanting to perfect their handstands! However, the majority of her public classes involve an innovative and forever changing style of dynamic vinyasa flow. Although extremely fast-paced at times, Charlie is a perfectionist when it comes to correct body alignment, the synchronisation or movement and breath and the importance of a sumptuous, meditative relaxation to end. Her classes are down to earth, fun, creative and challenging, but at the same time accessible, maintaining the philosophy that ‘yoga is for all’.

If you could like to book a class with Charlie, bring yoga into your workplace, or treat yourself to a retreat, visit Charlie’s website: www.charliemorganyoga
E: info@charliemorganyoga.com

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.42.08 Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.42.18

Freddie’s Flowers

With a surname like Garland, it’s no surprise that Freddie loves flowers!

He used to deliver fruit and veg for Abel & Cole, and loved being out and about, meeting fantastic people each day. He loved it so much, that he decided to do the same thing – with flowers.

So he went and bought a milk float (which quickly broke), some cardboard boxes and a tent (which blew away) and set up his warehouse in his garden in Wandsworth. With Radio 2 and his mum for company he describes it as the best fun he’s ever had!

So now, for just £20 a pop, you can order a box of spanking fresh flowers to your door every week. And we’re not talking stuffy bouquets here. Think florist-curated boxes, careful combinations of flowers that need very little arranging to look blooming beautiful.

To order your first box for yourself or a loved one, then head to www.freddiesflowers.com Enter the Promo Code FBFIRSTBOX to get your first box for free!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.46.52


Organisation being the core of You Need A PA’s ethos, we were incredibly happy to stumble upon Monzo, a very effective, simple and new way of banking.

For people who want to get things done in a click and who don’t see the need for branches and chequebooks. Monzo are focused on building the best current account in the world and ultimately working with a range of other providers so that Monzo can be an intelligent hub for your entire financial life.

The app provides a slick, efficient daily and weekly chart outlining your expenses – exactly what you have paid for, where you have paid and at what time, even offering you a map of where that soya latte was purchased. Users can also take a photo of the receipt and attach it to that payment, keeping tabs on your expenses that much easier.

Download the app here: www.monzo.com

July Newsletter

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 21.12.12


You Need A Vicky – Start with your Sock Drawer

We couldn’t be happier for our ‘other half’ You Need A Vicky! As many of you know, a book has been brewing for a while now, so we are thrilled to hear that Little Brown Publishers approached Vicky earlier this year and it’s ready for pre-order on Amazon now!
Start with your Sock Drawer is a practical and realistic approach to home organisation. It also stresses the importance of order in your life in connection with your positive wellbeing. Vicky is co-writing the book with her cousin Emma Cooling and it will be out in September – We couldn’t be more proud!

Click here to pre-order it from Amazon

And do check out her new website here

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 21.13.38

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 21.13.47

Tortie Hoare

We always appreciate a talented woman at You Need A PA, so were are thrilled to tell you all about our good friend Tortie Hoare.

Tortie combines the same leather moulding pocess used in the creation of medieval armour, forming a cohesive relationship between the heat formed leather and other materials to create design-inspired furniture and other products. With a skilled cabinetmakers background she uses the unique hardening properties of the leather as the core of her sustainable and ergonomic pieces.

With these handmade pieces the process of shaping and taming the leather has dictated the designs. The results are timeless products of the best quality, functional, natural furniture that originates from the beauty of the materials being used.

I addition to her designs she also takes on commissions, whether it be an unusual design you want made as a gift, or something to add to your home, so do get in touch and check out her website.

T: 07545 828 263

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 21.15.43

Rainbo Food

Jamie and James, who both run Rainbo, are extremely passionate about good, healthy food, friendly service and offering (amongsty other things) the best dumpings in town, all served from their converted 1948 Ford Pickup!

Fusing delicious homemade Japanese gyoza dumplings in a variety of flavours (both traditional and contemporary), with bright salads, signature pickles and other pan-Asian dishes, they bring something completely fresh and unique to Britain’s street food scene offering an exciting alternative to the ubiquitous burgers and carb-heavy options, and have become the go-to truck for a healthier yet fulfilling alterntive. They believe that street food should be delicious, vibrant and good for you.

You will find them at festivals, private events and markets all across the country this summer. If you wanted to book them for your party then do get touch with the details below:

Tel Jamie:  07725 362 629
Tel James: 07771 977 12901

March Newsletter


Le Bab. BBQ Paneer


Le Bab

Gourmet Hamburgers. Gourmet Fried Chicken. It was only a matter of time until we were introduced to the delights of the Gourmet Kebab. And it was well worth the wait. Le Bab opened in Kingly Court in January and has since revived and redefined what we knew of The Kebab.

Headed by a kitchen team previously at Le Gavroche, Le Bab aims to drive a ‘kebab renaissance’ in London, reinvigorating kebabs with provenance, seasonality and technique. The setting is a stark departure from traditional kebab houses: modern, relaxed and casual with a novel cocktail list, curated fine and rare wines and craft beer.

I strongly recommend you make a reservation, although they do try and squeeze in walk ins. You might like to go for dinner after a couple cocktails at Señor Ceviche, or just à deux for a spot of lunch.

Le Bab, 2nd Floor, Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW
T: 0207 439 9222





EMX Squared

For those, who like me, get pretty bored with mundane visits to the gym, I was pretty curious when I was introduced to EMX2.

EMX2 stands for ‘Electro Muscular Xercise”. Upon arrival, you are given a body suit to wear, which has electrode patches that vibrate between 350-450htz, which activate 90% of the bodies muscles simultaneously with each contraction. It sounds painful, but I promise it isn’t! This vibrational frequency activates the muscles you use while you’re squatting and lunging, forcing them to work at 80x more than a normal repetition. Not only does this activate the muscles and train them more effectively than any exercise routine on the market, but it also eliminates unwanted fat and cellulite. Bingo!

It’s promised that in a 20 minute session of training, you will burn 1000 calories, amounting to 8 hours of functional training in 20 minutes. Now that’s my sort of exercise!

To find out more information and to make a booking head to www.emx2.org
T: 0207 060 5766







Petalon flowers have become quite a favourite here at YNAPA. Their service is so simple to use, yet the outcome is stunning! They offer 2 seasonal bouquets of flowers each week for you to choose from, which are always £28 (including delivery) or £50 for a bigger bunch and they always include a £1 donation to Capital Bee.

Their flowers are chosen at the flower market early on Monday morning and are ready to order by 9am and they restock their flowers throughout the week.

They take orders up to midday on the day of delivery, then deliver the flowers by bicycle between midday and 5, Monday to Friday. They are the perfect thank you or birthday gift, or just a little something to brighten someone’s day!

To order your flowers, do head to their website www.petalon.co.uk



Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 21.35.15                                                                         pops-youneedapa2



With summer just around the corner, (surely?!) we are so pleased to have come across POPS – a contemporary brand who’s product offering is unique and quality is at the forefront of everything they do. The have created the world’s first refreshingly cool Champagne Ice Popsicle – scummy!

Founded in June 2014 by old-school friends James and Harry, POPS has since taken off and the CLASSIC has featured in over 100 Global press publications.

Their current products include:
Classic Champagne
Strawberry & Mint
Apple & Elderflower

They even have collaborations with Bunga Bunga, Fortnum & Mason, Mews of Mayfair and The Ivy Chelsea Garden – and keep an eye out for their alcohol free POPS which will be available later on this year.

For more information and to book POPS for your summer party, head to: www.wearepops.com
E: hola@wearepops.com

February Newsletter


cuckoo-hibou-you-need-a-pa cuckoo-hibou-you-need-a-pa

Cuckoo Hibou

In the heart of Fulham you will find Cuckoo Hibou. A nurturing little nest, created for children and made for parents. Here you will find a  new charming boutique, a cosy, child-friendly café and a range of artistic activities and fun workshops in English and French!

Founded by Alice, a half-English, half-French young mother, who has been living in London with her family for 2 years. When she moved over from Paris, she stopped her career in journalism and changed her life! She decided to express her creativity by opening a new place that she had always dreamed of finding for her and her son. And thus, the Hibou family chose their home in Parsons Green and now welcome kids and parents from the neighbourhood.

Cuckoo Hibou, 181 New Kings Road, London SW6 4SW
T: 020 7731 5552
W: cuckoohibou.com


I Hate Ironing

There is an app for everything! At the click of a button you can now get expert dry cleaners to collect your clothes from your door.

The service is simple – you can place an order in a matter of seconds, then an expert cleaner will come to your door and pick up your items, and return them washed and pressed less than 24 hours later. They have flexible pick up and delivery slots, so they can work around you. What’s more, when you download the app, you pay for it through your account, so no need to pay in cash. Simples!


DNA-you-need-a-pa DNA-you-need-a-pa

Meet the girls behind Fitness DNA ( Dana and Alice)

Alice and Dana met 12 years ago working as Personal Trainers at one of London’s premier gyms and have remained close ever since. Their passion for exercise and healthy living led them to the idea of creating a fitness blog where they could share their knowledge and expertise with people alike in a fun and creative way.

Being mothers they know what it means to juggle all components of life and find a true balance between raising a family and running a successful business. Having worked with A-list clients, from movie stars and super models to successful business people and musicians, they want to share their secrets on topics such as how to keep fit having a busy schedule, getting a bikini body, training whilst pregnant and how to get back into shape after having a baby plus dietary advise and much more.

Online Training…
Having a personal trainer is a wonderful luxury, however time constraints and costs can sometimes be prohibitive.
As a result they have decided to offer on-line personal training. This comes in the form of training consultations via Skype. How it works, is firstly they offer an on-line consultation to work out the best programme for you, in terms of exercise and nutrition and then you go away and follow the personalised programme they provide for you, in your own time.

At the end of the first week, they will check in again and discuss how the week went, and if necessary refresh techniques and the intensity of the programme. This encourages you to fulfil your regime, as you know you’ll have them to answer too!

E: fitnessdnablog@gmail.com


Blue{shift} Coding

Blue{shift} is a primary coding school based in West London that offers coding classes and workshops for kids. It was started in 2013, with the aim of teaching kids a creative approach to coding.

They believe that if taught with a focus on creativity, learning to code will not only equip children with the technical skills they need to excel in the future, but will also teach them critical problem solving skills.

At their holiday camps and after school clubs, blue{shift} covers a whole range of abilities and coding environments from Scratch to Python to robotics. They create their own teaching materials utilising a number of different programming environments, coding languages and approaches.

For more information on classes for your children,
please head to: http://blueshiftcoding.com
T: 020 8133 9863

January Newsletter



Cornwall Getaway Holiday Home
Please excuse me for the shameless plug, but you may have seen on one of our previous newsletters me advertising our house to rent in Port Isaac (if you need refreshing, you can check it out on our website here: www.youneedapa.com/pollyspost )
Well, along with the house, you can now rent our recently built Annex next door. It sleeps two people, and has a fully equipped kitchen and lovely bathroom. There are fold back french windows so you can step straight out onto the patio and enjoy the best view in Port Isaac! It’s perfect if you’d like to escape to Cornwall for a few days, on a romantic getaway, or just spend some days getting fresh air in one of the most beautiful places in the country. TV (Sky), Wifi and Vodafone Booster are all available. Unlike the main house, there is a 3 night minimum stay – ideal for a quick break. You can take it on its own, or with the house. For more information, rates and enquiries, please visit the website: http://www.harbourheights-cornwall.co.uk/the-annex/
We are now open for bookings and with the new year in full swing, why not start planning a few weekend breaks to escape the winter blues! Valentines Day weekend and half terms are all available, so get in touch fast!

Pamela Vaill Carter – Vaill of Health

We were lucky enough to meet Pamela Vaill a few months back after an injury and since then have passed her onto anyone and everyone we can. Pamela treats the symptoms of back, neck and joint pain, pregnant and post-partum women, babies and children, TMJ dysfunction, headache and migraine, whiplash, falls and sports injuries, visceral problems (digestion, IBS, menstruation), post operative, stress and sleep disorders.

Pamela is a Fulham-based (6 Wandsworth Bridge Rd) cranial osteopath treating babies, children and adults. Osteopaths treat the person not the condition. All areas of symptoms are taken into account, and the structural imbalances that are preventing the body’s return to a state of physical balance are addressed. Patients often report improvement in many areas of their health.

We now use Pamela at the start of each season to get us ready for it and release any blockages and get the energy flowing. Pamela comes highly recommended from YNAPA.

For booking enquiries:

E: vaillofhealth@zen.co.uk M: 07958 505756  W:www.vaillofhealth.com



Cee Double You 

Introducing a friend of YNAPA Charlotte Warburton and her new venture Cee Double You set to take luxury modern minimal trends by storm. Move over Equipment shirts. Think chunky knit polars, oversized fresh cotton shirts and 100% silk shirts is only the start. We all need those timeless classics in our wardrobe that last a lifetime so once she’s launched you’ll know where to look.

For Cee Double You Instagram click here
For Cee Double You Pinterest click here



Yet another great idea from the entrepreneurial Jenk’s family. Whether as a company, charitable trust or individual, Pledgit is the most generous way to fundraise. Instead of just asking people to donate to the cause that you support, on Pledgit you commit to match others’ donations up to a cap that you set. This encourages people to donate and ultimately raises more for the charity.

So the next time you run a marathon, climb a mountain or cycle across the country, be sure to Pledgit!

Have a look at some of the ongoing pledges on our site – www.pledgit.net – and contact us with any questions that you may have – donations@pledgit.net

December Newsletter


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us here at You Need A PA. We look forward to seeing you in 2016! X



Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea

If you’re a parent and have an important appointment to attend, theatre tickets that you don’t want to give up, lunch with friends who you haven’t seen in ages, or if you’re just in need of a few hours alone, contact Anna and the team at Babysitters of Kensington & Chelsea (BOKAC for short!).

Covering all of West and South London, BOKAC charge a flat rate per hour with no hidden extras such as registration, booking or subscription fees. All of their babysitters have online profiles where you can find out more about their childcare experience and availability, as well as their occupation and hobbies.

Appointments are booked and paid for online, so there’s no need to worry about getting cash out on your way home. You can book a babysitter up to 5 weeks in advance, or with as little as 3 hours notice.

BOKAC was started in 2010 by Londoner Anna Cameron who strives to offer parents a reliable, efficient and trustworthy service.

To book a babysitter:

W: www.bokac.co.uk
E: acameron@babysittersof.co.uk
T: 0207 193 2925



The Restory

The Restory is an on-demand shoe and handbag restoration service designed to bring the highest standard of quality and service right to the doorstep of busy Londoners.

They offer a range of services from standard cleaning and repair to advanced service such as colour restoration and leather alteration.

Using the service is easy. Simply book online (mobile app coming soon), email or call and they’ll collect from any home, office and hotel in Central or West London. Many services are returned within 72 hours.

The Restory artisans work with the finest of makers; so whether Lanvin, Lobb or a high-street favourite, your pieces are in excellent hands.

To contact The Restory:

020 8935 5333


Dressd was created by Anthony and Cressida who have been friends for years and have always shared an obsession with food.

They decided to join forces and tackle the food industry with Dressd, a new company creating healthy, vibrant and tasty dressings. Their dressings contain no added sugar as they use the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables – they are completely delicious!

Dressd has three unique and versatile flavours –

– Beetroot and Horseradish
– Cucumber, Basil and Garlic
– Roasted Red Pepper, Cayenne and Paprika

To find out more visit:




Introducing Amondo – set to take 2016 by storm. Amondo is an innovative content curation platform that generates a unique media format called an Imprint, that research has shown gives consumers a more immersive and engaging experience than other social media. Their tech enables users (businesses and consumers) to seamlessly gather content and data from all personal devices, social platforms, streaming and storage services and intelligently render personal stories and experiences in an Imprint format.
So Imprints can be a perfect showcase of a great night out or a weekend away – and are shareable across all main social channels and digital media.

Join the Amondo community and have a play with their Beta (prototype) concept at

They have raised their first stage of seed funding earlier this year in order to research and build the Beta product as a technical feasibility exercise that has been taken to a limited product trial, which commenced in October 2015.

The Beta is still live and the team are learning rapidly what consumers like about Amonda, what needs to be improved and where users would like them to go next in terms of concept development. They’ve already signed up a handful of brand and content partners to use this early stage product, including global publisher Time Inc. (who have made the Imprint one of the lead channels for the relaunch of music title NMW Magazine), independent music distributor Believe Digital and they are currently in discussions with a number of major consumer brands, including ASOS, Live Nation, New Look and Unilever (Lynx/Dove).

They are now raising their second stage of seed funding in order to build an iOS app, a new Version 2.0 as a full consumer product, add to their suite of brand tools – and to grow the team!

If you are interested in investing in Amondo, contact:


Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Carol Service

You Need A PA were honoured to be part of this years carol service for The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. It was an incredibly special evening raising awareness to stomp out the stigma of mental illness and fight depression.

A monumental thank you to all our fantastic readers; Captain David Blakeley, Sarah Alexander, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Bishop Michael Doe, Hugh Skinner, Alice Palmer and Peter Serafinowicz and also to Charlie Grace and the Vox Cordis choir for the stunning music.

CWMT have a clear vision which is to live in a world where young people understand and talk openly about depression, where young people know how to maintain wellbeing, and where the most appropriate treatment is available to everyone who needs it.

Next years carol service will be on Monday 12th December 2016. It was voted by Tatler as the 2nd best carol service in London, so it’s not one to be missed!

Find out more by visiting:


November Newsletter

Those who haven’t been onto our Instagram yet be sure to check us out, and find out what we’re loving each day here

You Need A PA’s Christmas Voucher!

To all those struggling what to buy that ‘special person’ the search ends right now. Here at You Need A PA we are selling Half Day and Whole Day Christmas vouchers. There’s surely no better feeling starting 2016 with a helping hand whether that be assisting with that hectic house move, getting the office in order, personal shopping, diary management, bookings, party planning and much much more. New Year means fresh slate so get in touch!

Don’t forget our YNAPA personal shopping service. We will personally head to the stores and buy every last present for you. On top of that, we will wrap them up beautifully so theres no need for you to do a thing!

For all Christmas Services and voucher enquiries:
E: milla@youneedapa.com

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.32.39

Prince’s Christmas Tree Delivery Service

If your wanting a hassle free beautiful Christmas tree here are the princes for the job! Prince’s Christmas Trees offer a delivery service where they provide the highest quality hand picked ‘Nordman firs’ aka non drops. On top of that they are delivered straight to your door at a convenient time for you (and for a small charge they will even set it up for you!)

The business was born 2 years ago and so far so good. Reasons being are, its priced at the same level as street corner sellers, they guarantee high quality (if unhappy with the tree they will change it as many times as you like) and they deliver for FREE! Unfortunately at the moment they only cater for SW London but hoping to expand in the near future.

For tree enquiries:
E: princestreedelivery@gmail.com
T: Will (07921263973) or Harry (07814042984)


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.31.02

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.29.54

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.29.15

Little Leggies

Little leggies is the fashion brand set up by two best friends devoted to creating adorable and distinctive clothes for children.Louise and Gussy design fashionable and statement pieces both Mums and children adore. Having both had previous experience in nannying, it became clear to them the pride parents take in dressing their children, as well as the increased desire for little ones to pick their own outfit.The collection is for ages 0-11, with the unique addition of a small Mum’s range, enabling Mum and Mini twinning.Little leggies is best known for their signature party pants that are every girls dream! The range has a mix of luxury cashmere and effortlessly cool everyday basics, with an emphasis on neon colour and fun trims. The unique pieces all stand by their firm belief that kids clothes must look great, but also be comfy and easy to wear. 

For Little Leggies enquiries:
Visit them at ‘The Landing’ Ladbroke Grove, W10
W: www.littleleggies.com
E: info@littleleggies.com
T: 0208 960 7133

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.28.35
Your Secret Sanctuary

After a year of traveling to Asia, Japan, Europe and India training some of the worlds most talented therapist at Four Seasons, Shangri La and GHM Hotel Groups teaching Ayurveda, Meditation and Hatha yoga, Laura Mellor is back on home turf to spread Eastern healing to the Western world.

She started a tailored treatment service that offers clients a unique combination of physical and energetic work to suit a wide range of aliments, from muscular aches and pains, digestion disorders and deep emotional release through energetic healing.
She combines Ayurveda, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Deep tissue techniques to encourage a deeply restorative experience in the comfort of your own home. After Identifying areas that are blocked she’ll then work with the skeletal, muscular and nervous system to unblock, rebalance and restore you back to physical and emotional health.    
Laura currently lives in Norbiton and her catchment area is around Surrey and West London. 
For all Secret Sanctuary enquiries:
E: lmbodywork@gmail.com
T: 07951165533

 Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.30.22Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.30.35


Dog Sitting

Are you thinking of going away at Christmas but can’t bear the thought of putting your beloved dog in kennels? Don’t want to burden friends or family? Neela & Co can help you. As responsible and experienced dog walkers/sitters and house sitters they are available throughout the Christmas period to either pop in and check on the cat daily or spend days looking after the doggies. They are very flexible as to what you may need.

For all enquiries please contact Neela
T: 07833488610

 Excellent references available

Contact Polly

Whether it's booking urgent flights or organising your house move, Polly and her team are at hand to help. With many years of experience dealing with daily problems from the little to large, Polly has the answer and, being a pay as you go service, you only pay for problems solved.